November 23-27, 2015 - Global evaluation week in Kathmandu (Nepal)

In the end of November 2015, the Global evaluation week was held. The Week combined two big events in the world of evaluation: II EvalPartners Global Forum and III International CoE-SA Evaluation Conclave.

The Participants of Global evaluation week were more than 400 specialists from all over the world, including more than 130 representatives of VOPEs, representatives of parliaments and governments, NGOs, UN agencies etc.

The whole evaluation community celebrated finishing of 2015 International year of evaluation. Main celebration was help in Nepal parliament with launching 7 new initiatives in evaluation within EvalPartners: 

1) EvalSDGs initiative aimed to development the evaluation within 17 sustainable development goals; 

2) EvalYouth -  a global network to promote engagement, innovation, and exchange among: young and emerging evaluators, youth stakeholders, and key actors;

3) EvalGender+ - is a global partnership to strengthen national capacities for gender-responsive and equity-focused evaluations;

4) EvalIndigenous – network to provide a venue for indigenous evaluators to use culturally appropriate approaches

5) Parliamentarians Forum on Development Evaluation – network with goal to advance enabling environment for nationally owned, transparent, systematic and standard development evaluation process in line with National Evaluation Policy at country level which ensures aid effectiveness, achievement of results and sustainability of development;

 6) Professionalisation – initiative aimed to development and support of standardization in evaluation;

7) VOPE support (Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluators) усього світу – initiative to support communities of evaluators.

If you are interested to join and voluntarily contribute to EvalPartners new initiatives, please send a mail to Asela Kalugampitiya, EvalPartners Executive Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Antonina Rishko-Porcescu,the board member of Ukrainian Evaluation Association, participated in the Forum within EvalYouth initiative.

The new co-chairs of EvalPartners were presented: Colin Kirk and Ziad Moussa.  Also the plan for evaluation development till 2020 year “EvalAgenda 2020” was presented. It contains main 4 directions:

- the enabling environment

- institutional capacities

- individual capabilities for evaluation

- the interlinkages

Global agenda needs to be adapted to national and regional specialities. 

There were many discussions and working groups, initiative during the Global evaluation week. In our website we will post news and updated information with Forum's results. 

Author– Antonina Rishko-Porcescu

 Photo– Antonina Rishko-Porcescu