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 Join the international expert's database inevaluation.

 Dear colleagues,

 For EvalYear 2015, we are inviting you to be part of the international expert’s database in evaluation atwww.evalcommunity.com  which is an international initiative and a source for everything that has to do with the opportunities in evaluation. The main services are related to: International Expert’s database in evaluation, Jobs and Tenders of evaluation world, Job and Tender/Call postings, Job/Tender search engine, Resume-creation tool.

 If you have a degree in Evaluation or other relevant fields, or you have experience on Monitoring & Evaluation, or you have excellent analytical and communications skills and knowledge of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods, the first thing to do to profit these services is to register for free as Expert or freelancer in evaluation pool of professional evaluators.

 Please consider the following steps to register as Expert or freelancer in evaluation.

 Click at http://www.evalcommunity.com/experts-register

  • Create an EvalCommunity Account by filling out the form and submitting your resume
  •  You will receive the confirmation text with the ending note: your resume submitted successfully. Your resume will be visible once approved
  • Your username and a link to generate your password will be automatically emailed to you


  • Once approved, your profile can be viewed to all the major players of evaluation in the national and international context;
  • You can manage yourself the candidate dashboard, edit and review, correct and modify or delete your resume in any time. Simply sign in to your account, go to your account profile, and make the necessary changes;
  • You can submit Jobs and publish RFPs/Tenders/Calls in Monitoring Evaluation, Policy, Research, Analysis via online form at  http://www.evalcommunity.com/post-job-or-tender/;
  • You can use the platform and gets access to tools helping you access the latest full or part time jobs and tenders opportunities in evaluation;
  • You can apply to the jobs using your online resume, enter our short message or modify it and choose one of your resumes to email your application to the employer or commissioner;
  • You can email your details or apply using webmail: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL directly fromwww.evalcommunity.com 
  • UN, Aid Agencies, Governments, Development Banks, Non-Profits, Consulting Firms and Recruiters worldwide can use EvalCommunity to submit Jobs and publish RFPs/Tenders/Calls in Monitoring Evaluation, Policy, Research, Analysis via online form.  

 For more information, you can have a look at www.evalcommunity.com 

 Author - Antonina Rishko-Porcescu